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Over more than a decade, Dr Cardona has shifted his emphasis from research within modern medicine to trying to understand through conventional scientific means how the system of Ayurvedic medicine works today (and has worked consistently for thousands of years).


He has utilised his skills, insights and scientific rigour gained in many years of modern medical research to bring understanding, validity and cohesion to this, the oldest continuously practiced medical system. 


Our planet and bodies are in a continuous process of adjusting to new environments. When these environments become unbalanced we can be affected in one way or another and end up suffering from imbalances or ailments which will require external support to re-establish the balance. 


Dr Cardona uses the Ayurvedic approach by taking into account our individuality and unique physical, emotional and psychological constitution and condition. Imbalances in the body are evaluated through this distinctive system of fundamental configuration. Consultations normally take 90 minutes to allow a thorough assessment and clear understanding of the patient's condition. 

All patients are requested to send in advance the information listed below:

  • Personal details: age, weight, height, date and time of birth

  • Full medical history with dates and comments

  • Summary family medical history

  • Main complaints requiring consultation

  • Records of 3 consecutive days of food intake by meal (breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner) and timing

The information provided will be evaluated before consultation and must be received at least three days before the appointment date. 


main treatment areas:

  • metabolic disorders

  • obesity

  • hypertension

  • diabetes

  • cardiovascular

  • arthritis

at the consultation

The consultation includes: 


  • Evaluation and discussion of the Prakruti/ Vikruti (Ayurvedic evaluation of individual constitution and evaluation of the pathological condition)

  • Discussion of style of life and advice on changes

  • Diet evaluation and explanation

  • Examination of eyes (iridology), tongue and pulse reading

  • Craniosacral therapy (CST)/marma session/evaluation

  • Recommendations concerning natural medication and exercises (e.g. yoga, breathing exercises etc.) and a recommended tailored diet.

Following examination, evaluation and diagnosis, a tailored treatment is suggested respecting the patient’s desires concerning their other medications. 

All recommendations and following treatments, independent of the type of condition, are intended to integrate the Ayurvedic knowledge and therapeutic efficacy within the current healthcare system trying to avoid antagonism and/or contraindications and reducing to the minimum the potential side effects of allopathic medicines. 

  • back pain

  • headaches

  • constipation

  • skin disorders

  • bad breath

  • sleeping disorder

assessing the whole patient

Central to Ayurveda is the concept that the origin of chronic diseases is found in the lack of connection with our senses.


In conjunction with the metabolic process - or Agni - Dr Cardona treats patients according to their individual constitution and tailors diet and lifestyle recommendations for their imbalances. 


It is not uncommon - in the case of multifactorial disorders such as obesity or diabetes – that the combination of imbalances requires a proper holistical assessment of the patient.


This is necessary for an understanding of the root causes of problems and in order to prescribe a tailored treatment which takes into account the manifestations of the patient’s condition and their current medical regime.

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If you wish to discuss any of this further with Dr Cardona, please use the Contact tab and provide some basic details. Dr Cardona’s normal patient consultations take between 60-90 minutes to allow a thorough assessment and clear understanding of the patient's condition.

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