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dr cardona's background

Dr Cardona’s career spans professorships and senior teaching and research posts at some of Europe’s most distinguished medical schools including Institut Pasteur; Salpêtrière Hospital; Institut Biomedical des Cordeliers, Institut Français de Chiropractie, Paris; University of Perugia Medical School, Italy; King's College London and St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, London, UK.


After graduating in Medical Sciences he completed his Masters in Clinical Biochemistry, studying the role of different types of vegetarian diets on cholesterol level management. His PhD was on the Mechanism of Uptake of Neurotransmitters and his Doctor of Science (Docteur d’Etat) was in Physiology of Nutrition.


His Masters in Ayurvedic Medicine (with internships at AVP Hospital, Coimbatore and Udupi, India where he holds a Visiting Professorship) includes a dissertation correlating Obesity under the light of Ayurveda and Modern Medicine.


Dr Cardona is an Ayurvedic Doctor (NAMA Professional Member Level).


Dr Cardona is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine (UK) and a Member of The College of Medicine (UK).

teaching and research

Dr Cardona has been a consultant to various pharmaceutical companies conducting research and R&D work in hospital laboratories in close association with centres of research excellence and university medical faculties around the world.


He lectures in basical medical sciences and related fields at the post-doctoral, post-graduate and undergraduate level as well as for academic medical practitioners' CPD.


Dr Cardona is a regular guest speaker at conferences and has delivered seminars to a broad mix of medical and other professionals.


A list of academic and professional positions plus presentations and peer-reviewed articles can be found on the bio page.


current practice

Over the last ten years, Dr Cardona has shifted his emphasis from research within modern medicine to trying to understand through conventional scientific means how the system of Ayurvedic medicine works today (and has worked consistently for thousands of years).


He has utilised his skills, insights and scientific rigour gained in many years of modern medical research to bring understanding, validity and cohesion to this, the oldest continuously-practiced medical system.


Dr Cardona's recent work combines allopathic and Ayurvedic approaches to diagnosis and treatment of some of our most common ailments and the integration of Ayurvedic knowledge and healing efficacy within our current healthcare system.

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