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a meeting of minds

Ayurveda, the oldest continuously practiced medical system, can contribute powerfully, effectively and economically to the current conventional medical system. 


Ayurveda’s approach can redress the multifactorial characteristics of chronic diseases and other pathologies in a holistic way and shed new light on the clinical and economic management of them. 


Integration of Ayurveda with today’s conventional medicine will provide new tools for maintaining robust health and vitality and for understanding and managing the most perplexing modern chronic pathologies and syndromes at a physiological, biochemical and psychological level. 


A triangular interaction between Ayurveda, conventional medicine and science is badly needed in order to create a proper mechanism that can result in safer, inexpensive and more effective therapies. 


Ayurveda has played a very important role for millions of people for thousands of years and now has a very important role to play in the future of Western health care by offering solutions to problems where our modern medicine is struggling. 


What is required is the solid participation from academic institutions and the scientific community backed with the financial support from government and industry. 

© dr luis eduardo cardona-sanclemente 2018

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