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the journey continued...

his experience as a patient

It was also his own experience as a patient within the modern medical system and through subsequent treatments for his own conditions that his deep unease with the handling of prognosis and suggested treatments was cemented.


He undertook a series of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies as had been recommended. Later, after observing and feeling the effective actions of the treatments at both body-mind levels; he started analysing and studying the biochemical and physiological cellular implications of these treatments in various pathologies. 


It soon became clear that Ayurvedic medicine is very effective and can be an excellent complementary way to restore and maintain health.


Ayurvedic medicine holds that, in disease, balance has been lost in the physiology of mind and body. Poor diet, low physical activity, and passive life style all contribute to biochemical alterations at the level of tissue and cell. 


Dr Cardona understood that for good health it is essential to have a rounded perception of disease and its origins, as well as active participation in realigning physiological process by the use of natural sources.  In contrast, conventional medicine sees the patient as the passive site of a struggle between disease and medication instead of addressing the root cause of the injuries. 


As result of his own restoration he now feels an obligation to contribute to first the prevention of disease and second to more natural treatment.

This is in contradiction to today’s conventional medical approaches which typically invite the patient to address ailments in a passive and dependant way with medications which obliterate the manifestations of the condition instead of addressing the root cause of the injuries. 

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